Mobile Friendly Sportsbooks And Betting Apps

Bonus Money BagSports betting was the first online gambling venue to make it to the mobile platform. Shortly thereafter casino games joined the party and we are seeing mobile online poker emerge as well. In short, online gambling is being integrated into mobile technology quickly and seamlessly, allowing players the opportunity to enjoy their gambling entertainment right from their smartphone or tablet.

There are a few types of mobile sports betting apps, and we will break down your options and their compatibility with the major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. This guide was intended to serve as a resource for bettors who are interested in engaging in mobile sports betting while selectively choosing the best sportsbook bonus from a brand that provides a secure and high-quality wagering experience.

Our Featured Mobile Sports Betting Site

Bovada Mobile App

Bovada is our featured mobile sportsbook and caters to all USA players (excepting DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY). They offer some of the best mobile betting options in the business including parlays, teasers, quarters, halves and even live ingame betting options. And if you want some casino action they have the mobile version available as well. While the other sites below offer some great mobile betting options as well, we feel that Bovada rises above the rest with the exception of Bet365 which is who we recommended for non usa players.

Visit Bovada Mobile Sportsbook

Mobile Friendly Sportsbook And Apps In 2024 Compatible With Iphones, Androids And Ipads

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Mobile Sports Betting App From App Stores VS Web Based Mobile Sports Apps

One of the first choices you will need to make is concerning the source of your mobile sports betting application. There are two primary options: downloading an application from the app store that supports your mobile OS, or accessing web based mobile optimized sports betting sites sponsored by the trusted brands in online sports wagering. At the bottom of this page we list a few points that may influence your decision.

Iphone Mobile Sportsbooks

All mobile sports betting sites support the iPhone. This is probably the most popular platform of smartphones among bettors, and sports wagering brands wisely jumped on the iOS technology wagon to develop a mobile sports wagering experience that is engineered specifically for your Apple mobile gadget.

Using responsive technology, and iOS supported mobile sportsbook will render its interface with precision to your device, regardless of which version of the iPhone you are using to bet on sports. The responsive software recognizes the device and its specifications and formats the site specifically for that device. Being backwards compatible, it allows players using previous versions of the iPhone to engage in the exact same experience as those with the newest piece of Apple hardware.

Ipad Mobile Sportsbooks

Like the iPhone, all of our recommended US-friendly sportsbooks support the Apple iPad and iPad Mini. Using the same responsive technology, the site will be displayed precisely for your tablet, regardless of which version you are using.

The larger display on the tablet makes it somewhat more enjoyable in my opinion. It is still small enough to be mobile but large enough to really see what's going on, especially with the games and matches that you can access via live streaming.

While I do participate often on my iPhone, my preference is accessing mobile sports wagering form my iPad.

Android Mobile Sportsbooks

Android is quite literally taking over the mobile market share, giving Apple a real run for their money. By growing so rapidly, they have become one of the big boys and all of the mobile sportsbooks which we feature in this guide support this platform.

While the Google Play store does not allow any real money gambling applications on their site, Android device owners can access the web based mobile applications of the leading online sportsbooks without any problem. The same responsive technology allows these sites to support the entire range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Windows Mobile Sportsbooks

While not as popular as iOS and Android, the Windows Mobile operating system has really gained momentum in the last year, putting themselves on the map and earning the respect of the market. Their most recent smartphones and the launch of the Surface line of tablets have really turned things around for them and their place in the mobile market share.

All of the recommended mobile sportsbooks we recommend in this guide do support the Windows Mobile devices and operating system, so Microsoft fans will have no issues accessing sports wagering from their smarphone or Surface tablets.

Blackberry Mobile Sportsbooks

While this may be the smallest segment in the mobile market, they are still on the map. Blackberry users may be a smaller group, but they are a loyal bunch and love their BB toys. Most reputable sports betting sites gladly support this mobile platform and have engineered their software to format specifically for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

Leading Mobile Sports Betting Apps

The mobile sports betting sites you see featured below have all been personally vetted by our team, and were found to meet or exceed our requirements for inclusion in this guide. We are not an easy to please bunch, and we require nothing short of the absolute most sophisticated, high performance and feature rich sports betting experience. Each of these brands achieved that. We have included their bonus information and direct, one click access as well for your convenience.

Things To Consider When Choosing Which Mobile Betting Platform Or App To Go With

Accessibility - Not all of the app stores provide access to real money gambling apps, such as the Google Play App Store for Android. Other app stores do allow real money gambling applications, however most of the real money options are not available to US players. Web based mobile sportsbooks are the clear favorite and are accessible by bettors around the globe, 24/7 without exception.

Quality - Most third party applications are created by developers who more than likely do not have any hands on experience on the development site of any type of real money online gambling operation, or even as a bettor. They may be highly skilled developers, but they do not bring the expertise with them that the developers of the web based mobile sportsbooks can offer.

These web based applications are created by the very brands that have been providing online wagering for years, and many of them are US friendly. They know firsthand what bettors want and how to deliver it. The third party apps don't come close to offering the feature rich interface that web based apps offer, with options like live in play wagering, and a range of betting lines and wagering options that far surpasses anything in the app stores.

Cost - third party applications often cost money, while access to web based mobile sports betting is always free.

Storage - third party applications require a download to your device and therefore require space in your device's storage, while the web based applications do not require any type of download and can be bookmarked on your device's homepage for easy, one click access without taking up valuable real estate on your smartphone or tablet.

Security - while we cannot speak for the level of security included in the third party sports wagering applications, we can tell you that each of the mobile sportsbooks which we recommend feature a sophisticated and high level security profile that exceeds licensing requirements and industry standards when it comes to protecting their bettors and their sensitive financial information. This is the type of commitment to player safety that we want to see in a brand.

As you probably gathered, we definitely favor the web based mobile optimized online sports betting sites over the third party applications. This is based on personal experience, the input of other industry professionals and bettors, and careful research.

Below you will find some information on accessing the industry's most trusted and reputable mobile online sports betting sites which have been identified and carefully reviewed by a team of online sports wagering professionals, many of whom gambling on a professional basis or serve as professional consultants.

We have verified each brand's licensing and compliance certifications, their security profile, performance, range of betting lines and wagering options, and how competitive their pay lines and odds are. We evaluated their banking suite, competency of customer support, and other critical elements of their operation that determine their legitimacy and value within the industry.