Sports Betting with Ethereum

Bonus Money BagEthereum is a blockchain-based distributed platform similar to Bitcoin that uses a decentralized currency to compensate miners and network users who have performed specific actions. The digital currency used on the Ethereum blockchain is called Ether. Ether can easily be transferred between accounts or used as one of the multiple deposit methods for funding an online sportsbook account.

Since Ethereum’s release in 2014, the market value for Ether has grown to well over $100 per coin (currently $180). Below we will discuss the benefits of using Ethereum to fund an online gambling account and explain everything you need to know to get started with the popular digital currency.  

USA Sports Betting With Ethereum

To combat US gambling laws that make sending and receiving money from an online gambling site a hassle for US-based players, sportsbooks started accepting cryptocurrencies to speed up transaction times. Bitcoin is the most commonly used digital currency, but other cryptos such as DashBitcoin Cash, and Ethereum are also accepted by some online sports betting sites. The following sites are Ethereum friendly and cater to US bettors. 

Top USA Sportsbooks Accepting Ethereum (ETH) Deposits For 2024

The following USA sportsbooks are our top picks for online sports gambling sites that accept Ethereum. Not only do they accept Ether, but they also offer some lucrative bonus options for crypto depositors. Each of the following sites has been used by our team members over time and provides a licensed betting service with fast crypto payouts. 

Brand Logo Bonus Offer USA Visit Link
50% Max $1,000
Claim Bonus Read Review
50% Max $1,000
Claim Bonus Read Review
20% Max $500
Claim Bonus Read Review
75% Max $1,000
Claim Bonus Read Review
50% Max $1,000
Claim Bonus Read Review
100% Max $500
Claim Bonus Read Review

Ethereum Sportsbooks for Non-US Bettors

The sportsbooks listed in the table above also accept players outside of the USA and allow bettors to fund their accounts and make withdrawals using Ethereum.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain network that uses smart contracts, decentralized currency, and a distributed ledger to perform specific tasks. Actions are validated and confirmed by other network users known as nodes.

In addition to performing tasks, Ethereum has become known as the do it yourself platform for decentralized programs meaning that developers and coders can create applications that no one can control or manipulate. Ethereum was designed to decentralize the internet, whereas Bitcoin was created to decentralize money.

The video below does an excellent job of explaining Ethereum and some of its best uses.

How Do I Acquire Ethereum?

You can earn ether by performing tasks set up by smart contracts on the network, or you can purchase ether on a coin exchange. Most bettors buy ether (ETH) from a digital currency dealer, such as the provider listed below.


How Do I Store Ethereum?

Just like with any other cryptocurrency, you have to store your currency in an eWallet. Several types of eWallets can hold your ether; software wallets, hardware wallet, and paper wallets. Each one of these wallets has different security features based on their nature. Software wallets are free and, in our opinion, the most practical. You can download a software wallet for free by following the link provided below.

Atomic ether wallet

How To Fund A Sportsbook Account With Ethereum?

In the table above, you will see all the sportsbooks that our team has personally vetted to ensure their validity. These sites are what we have deemed as the best online sites that accept Ethereum.

Once you have selected a site and clicked the claim bonus button, you will be directed to the sign-up page. Once all account information has been entered, you can then go to the cashier’s page where you can make your initial deposit. From there, you can select Ethereum and follow the directions to finish funding your new account.

Advantages Of Using Ethereum To Bet On Sports

There are many reasons bettors like to use cryptocurrencies to fund their account, but let us tell you why it makes sense for most gamblers. The most obvious reason is that crypto typically processes faster for most players than other sportsbook deposit methods. Most of the sites above can process ether (ETH) withdrawals within 24 hours, where other methods could take up to 14 days.

Another advantage is that players do not have to add bank account information or further personal information that is often stored on a server somewhere. While these sportsbooks have SSL encryption and other state of the art security features, some players prefer not to have to provide that information.

Do Ethereum Sportsbooks Have Mobile Options?

Yes. All the sportsbooks listed at the top of this page are available on mobile devices. When betting on mobile sportsbooks, there is no need to download an additional application due to responsive design capabilities. You can access the sportsbook from any mobile or desktop device without worry.

Additional Ethereum Information

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