Sports Betting With Bitcoin

Bonus Money BagMany online bettors are beginning to make the switch over to Bitcoin due to its many advantages. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and saw a significant rise in market value towards the end of 2017. Many financial analysts expect it to continue growing into 2018 and beyond.

Some banks and other financial institutions have talked down about Bitcoin, but this seems to be more of a personal matter since they have no stake in the popular alternative currency. Now Bitcoin is accepted by more online vendors as one of the reputable deposit options.

Regarding online gambling, new technologies are emerging that could change the market forever. This page was created exclusively for Bitcoin sports gambling and has lots of relative information on the digital currency.

USA Sports Betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a fairly new addition to the online gambling industry, so there is a limited number of US friendly sportsbooks that accept this option right now. We anticipate that this number will grow pretty quickly, especially as US players realize how much easier Bitcoin is than other payment methods.

You can also use your Bitcoin account for online shopping, bill payment and sending money to friends and family. The following are our top recommendations for US Bitcoin Sportsbooks.

Top US Sportsbooks Accepting Bitcoin Deposits

Site NameBitcoin BonusUSAVisit Site
Bovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,000
5 Star Rating
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Betonline Sportsbook100% Max $1000
5 Star Rating
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Bookmaker100% Max $300
4 Stars
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Sportsbetting.ag100% Max $1000
5 Star Rating
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Non-USA Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is also a great option for International sports bettors, and there are UK friendly sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin deposits as well as Canadian friendly betting sites. This payment method will probably grow the quickest throughout the international community due to the more liberal and welcoming climate that gambling receives across the pond.

Below we've added our recommendations for sites that accept International players and that welcome Bitcoin deposits. Also keep in mind that Neteller accepts Bitcoin deposits, so while you wait for your options to expand concerning non-USA bitcoin sportsbooks, you can always consider using your bitcoin currency at Neteller sports betting sites through your ewallet account.

Brand Logo Bonus Offer USA Visit Link
100% Max $200
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50% Max $1,000
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75% Max $1,000
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50% Max $1,000
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How To Fund Your Sportsbook Account Using Bitcoin

By accessing Bitcoin from the menu in the participating sportsbooks' cashier, you will gain access to a Bitcoin address. You will simply transfer the desired amount of funds from your Bitcoin wallet to the sportsbook using this Bitcoin address. The funds should appear in your account rather quickly. It is a very easy and convenient option. For further information see our article on how to use Bitcoin to bet on the Super Bowl.

5 Advantages To Using Bitcoin To Bet On Sports

There is a reason why Bitcoin is becoming more popular amongst bettors. Better yet, there are several reasons. Our team of online Bitcoin betting experts have compiled a list of Bitcoin’s advantages below:

1. Bitcoin transactions are safe. Bitcoin’s blockchain is constantly patrolled by miners and was developed to be difficult to hack into. Digital wallets are also inherently secure. Since Bitcoin is strictly online, develops made it a point to make the cryptocurrency secure.

2. Bitcoin transactions are fast. Most digital currency transactions process instantaneously. There is no waiting for approval from a bank or financial institution. Once the transaction has been verified by miners on the blockchain, the funds will be available in your sportsbook account.

3. Bitcoin transactions are more anonymous than other methods. When completing a Bitcoin transaction, you only have to enter in how much Bitcoin you wish to deposit and the digital wallet address. You do not have to enter in a billing address or any other type of personal information.

4. There is a chance that your Bitcoin can appreciate in value before you make a withdrawal. Given Bitcoin’s spike in value towards the end of 2017 (its biggest spike to date), many analysts believe the momentum will carry into 2018. For example, you could have $200 in sportsbook winnings and see that number increase if Bitcoin’s value goes up. You can’t say the same if you are looking to make a withdrawal in another method.

5. There are cryptocurrency bonuses. These are in addition to the standard bonus promotions offered to bettors. The most common Bitcoin bonus comes with your first deposit. The sportsbook will match your deposit by a percentage up to a certain amount. Bonus funds can be applied anywhere in the sportsbook.

Do Bitcoin Sportsbooks Host Mobile And Live Betting?

Yes. Our recommended Bitcoin sportsbooks offer mobile capabilities through web-based applications - no app download required. Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices are compatible. These mobile versions provide access to the same betting lines and wagering types as the desktop version. In fact, the mobile version has all the same features. Responsive design technology ensures that the mobile site will render and function properly across multiple screen size dimensions.

As far as live betting goes, there is a live betting section within the sportsbooks we have listed in our guide. This wagering option allows you to place bets during a match, game or event across multiple sports categories. You will also find the rules associated with each sport, which is important because live betting carries its own rules. Live betting is an exciting component to the sports gambling spectrum and puts bettors right in the middle of the action. Look out for live betting bonuses on top of the Bitcoin and other bonus promotions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a strictly digital currency exchanged and developed on an open-source network. It is not a part of any centralized bank or government, making it independent from any sort of hindrances associated with standard financial methods. There is no tangible Bitcoin, but rather an online platform stored and purchased on the Internet.

How Do I Acquire Bitcoin?

You can acquire Bitcoin in several ways. The most popular option is to purchase Bitcoin through a cryptocurrency exchange service. These are kind of like digital currency ATMs. Coinbase is arguably the leading merchant for cryptocurrency exchange. You can select a payment method, like a bank card or direct bank account, and purchase the amount of Bitcoin you desire.

You can also purchase Bitcoin from a direct seller, much like you would with any other product on the Internet. Your purchase is based on the value of the currency at that time. The value fluctuates much like other types of currency do, including gold, or the stock market. You can choose to purchase Bitcoin at its current value or make an offer. Once your purchase is completed, the funds are transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

New crypto buyers can take advantage of Zelle-To-BTC payments, which let you use Zelle to purchase BTC at the LocalBitcoins exchange and bypass the multi-day wait times associated with bigger commercial crypto exchanges.

Another way of acquiring Bitcoin is through mining, which is done on the blockchain. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of hardware and processing power, so it is by no means an easy task. Mining is reserved for people possessing specific technical skills, but that isn’t to say sports bettors cannot mine and use that Bitcoin to bet on sports.

How Do I Store My Bitcoin?

You can store your Bitcoin in a digital or hardware wallet. Digital wallets are like a checking account for your Bitcoin. These digital wallets come their own personal address to be used for transactions. There are no fees for storing your Bitcoin in a wallet. Hardware wallets are stored offline. Users download their Bitcoin onto an external hard drive or USB drive. The only issue with hardware wallets is there is no backup of your Bitcoin online. If you lose your hardware wallet, your Bitcoin is gone forever.

Additional Bitcoin Information