Sports Betting With Bitcoin Cash

Bonus Money BagBitcoin Cash (BCH) was created in 2017 to increase the block size on the blockchain and to allow more transactions per second. Many developers needed a way to approve more transactions faster while accruing fewer transaction fees. On August 1st, 2018, Bitcoin’s blockchain split in two and Bitcoin Cash was created.

Today Bitcoin Cash is known as a popular cryptocurrency built off the Bitcoin blockchain and is often used as one of the funding methods for online sportsbooks.

USA Sports Betting With Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

US players can use Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies to fund their online sportsbook account. In most instances, digital currency is the best option for US players. Bitcoin Cash processes faster than Bitcoin and has lower associated fees.

USA sportsbooks are subject to US gambling laws that limit account holders options when it comes to withdrawing online sportsbook winnings. For instance, one of the main reasons online sportsbooks offer so many deposit and withdrawal options is because US players cannot withdraw gambling winnings to their credit or debit cards because of the UIGEA act.

Top USA Sportsbooks Accepting Bitcoin Cash In 2024

The following sports betting sites offer the best sportsbook bonuses and are our top picks for US bettors wanting to wager with Bitcoin Cash. Our team of sports betting professionals have tested each of the following sites for security protocols, fair gaming testing, and convenient banking options. You should have no problem depositing or withdrawing Bitcoin Cash from each of the following sites.

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What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin that was built by developers looking to acquire lower fees and process more transactions. Bitcoin cash is available to users around the world as a form of digital currency and is currently accepted by more online retailers than many of its peers.

Offshore gambling accounts often use Bitcoin Cash because of its elasticity. Bitcoin Cash can be purchased with international currency and value transferred to another form of currency such as USD. US players also benefit from using Bitcoin Cash because of its faster processing times and lower transfer fees.

How Do I Acquire Bitcoin Cash?

To Acquire Bitcoin Cash, you will have to purchase the digital currency from a coin exchange. Coin exchanges offer multiple altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, 0x, and many more for that can be purchased online. Below we have listed a link to where you can buy Bitcoin Cash.

How Do I Store My Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash holders have to have an eWallet or digital wallet to store their public and private addresses. There are several kinds of eWallets including a hardware wallet, a software wallet, and a paper wallet. Each digital wallet has its own features that set them apart from each other.

The most common type of eWallet would be a software wallet which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link below.

How To Fund Your Account With Bitcoin Cash?

To fund an online sportsbook account you will need to find a sportsbook that accepts your digital currency as a deposit method. Our team has already provided the best sites for US players in the table above.

The next step includes navigation to the cashiers or banking page of the site. Once there you can select the type of cryptocurrency you wish to use to fund your account and follow the simple steps to send the funds from your eWallet to the sportsbook. Once the funds are received you will see a USD amount added to your bankroll. You will also see the same amount of Bitcoin Cash removed from your eWallet.

Bitcoin Cash Advantages

There are several advantages Bitcoin Cash users have over traditional payment users. Below we have listed the top advantages and why we think you should explore cryptocurrency options.

  • Faster processing speeds
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Can be purchased with various forms of World currency
  • Allows abstruse banking information

Additional Bitcoin Cash Information