Sports Betting With Ripple

Bonus Money BagRipple is a currency exchange and money transfer network that is used by USA and international sportsbook bettors to make quick and reliable sportsbook deposits or withdrawals.

Ripple was built on an open-source network and released in 2012 by Ripple Labs Incorporated. Ripple also supports tokens representing other cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and other units of value. Ripple offers a secure, instant, and nearly free transaction of any size around the globe.

USA Sports Betting With Ripple

American players have been taking advantage of sportsbooks available in the US that accept XRP for several years now, and more sportsbooks are now starting to open up and accept altcoins on their cashier's page. Ripple’s XRP offers bettors faster deposits and withdrawals while skipping the currency exchange needed for some sites. Once Ripple XRP is accepted, it is then converted into the currency used by the sportsbook, usually USD.

Top Rated USA Online Sportsbooks Accepting Ripple (XRP) Deposits In 2024

The following sportsbooks are tailor-made for US sports bettors and have multiple betting options including futures, in-game betting, parlays, totals, over/under, and more.

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Most Trusted Non-US Sportsbooks Accepting Ripple Deposits

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How To Use Ripple To Fund A Sportsbook

Ripple has created a world currency exchange system that is revolutionizing how we transfer money. Since sportsbooks started accepting the exchange, many people want to know how they can use the currency to avoid processing times, high fees, and other inconveniences.

To fund a sportsbook with Ripple XRP, you first need to navigate to the cashier's page and select the Ripple option under deposit methods. Once Ripple is selected, you can follow the easy steps to funding your player account. You will need access to your public key address located in your digital wallet.

Advantages To Using Ripple

The main advantage of using Ripple is the speed of transactions. Bitcoin transactions typically only take an hour to process, but in some extreme cases, it can take up to 24 hours. Bettors particularly prefer Ripple’s XRP because their processes are almost instantaneous. Since all records are published to the blockchain, users feel they are less likely to fall victim to a scheme. Another XRP benefit is that fees associated with Ripple transactions are usually around 0.00001 XRP.

  • Transaction Speed
  • Blockchain Certainty
  • Cost of Transactions

Mobile & Live Betting Ripple Options

The casinos listed on this page offer mobile and live betting options for accounts funded with Ripple XRP. Mobile capabilities are provided by the HTML5 technology that changes the way we see things across the web. Since the Apple and Google Play stores usually block gambling apps, online sportsbooks now offer mobile capabilities from their website without a need to download an app.

Live betting occurs during live sporting events and typically includes prop bets. For example, let's say Bryce Harper hits a single, a double, and a triple and is up to bat in the bottom half of the inning. A prop bet you might see you show up online during a break in the action is, “Will Bryce Harper complete the cycle?”.

What Is Ripple?

Ripple is a decentralized money transfer network that is backed by many centralized financial institutions. Ripple XRP is commonly used to transfer money around the world fast. To international online sportsbook bettors, Ripple is also a currency exchange as users can use the service to bypass fees associated with local currency exchanges.

The video posted below explains how Ripple works compared to other cryptocurrencies. It only lasts a couple of minutes, and when you are done, you will have a much better understanding of how Ripple works.

How To Buy Ripple?

Ripple can be purchased on popular coin exchanges such as the ones listed below. For further information, you can see the XRP Buying Guide provided by Ripple, or simply follow the links below.

How To Store Ripple

Cryptocurrency users are limited to a handful of options when it comes to storing altcoins. Digital wallets (eWallets) store crypto and are available in either hardware, software, or paper wallets.

Hardware wallets are typically zip-drives that store your financial information. Software wallets are programs that you download to your phone or computer to store your digital financial data. Software wallets are the most common because they are instantaneous and free. Paper wallets are printed out and stored; owners can later retrieve the addresses needed to send or receive XRP.

How Is Ripple Different Form Bitcoin Or Other Altcoins?

Ripple differentiates from other altcoins because of their general acceptance by financial institutions. This acceptance makes Ripple unique in the fact that decentralized currency exchange is backed by some of the biggest centralized banks in the world.

Ripple’s goal is to make transferring money across international lines easy and without charging an arm and a leg for the service.

Additional Ripple Information

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