Sports Betting With Litecoin

Bonus Money BagLitecoin is a well-known cryptocurrency that has also integrated its way into the online sports gambling platform as one of the popular deposit methods.

There is a trend in the sports gambling world of more and more bettors migrating to cryptocurrencies as opposed to bank cards as their primary method. US bettors in particular have an advantage with using digital currencies like Litecoin because of the legal situation with online betting. This page is dedicated to Litecoin sports betting and has information on how Litecoin works, which sites to use and more.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency on an open-source exchange platform. It was officially released in 2011 by Charlie Lee, who previously worked for Google. Litecoin spawned out of a fork from Bitcoin and brought several major changes along with it. Litecoin’s biggest difference is that it has a larger block size than Bitcoin. This means that more transactions can be processes at a given time. There is also a higher finite number of coins that can be produced. Although that number will likely never be reached, it is good to know that more Litecoins can be produced if it comes to that. The other major difference is that Litecoin is produced using a different algorithm than Bitcoin.

How Can I Obtain Litecoin?

Litecoin is most commonly obtained through a digital currency exchange provider. Coinbase is a well-known exchange specializing in alternative currencies. Simply select how much Litecoin you wish to purchase and then enter your method of payment. Most people purchase Litecoin using their bank cards or accounts. Purchasing Litecoin from a direct seller is another option. Be wary of illegitimate private sellers who are looking to scam you. The third option for getting Litecoin is by mining, which requires a considerable amount of hardware.

Where Do I Store My Litecoin?

Litecoin can be stored in a digital wallet. These can be provided by cryptocurrency merchants like Coinbase or purchased through a third-party. Think of digital wallets like a personal checking account for your Litecoin. You can not only store Litecoin but also send and receive money. Each wallet comes with a personalized ID address that is inputted into offshore sportsbooks when making a deposit. For those looking to take an extra step towards security, consider using hardware wallets. These require you to download your Litecoin to an external offline device. If you lose your hardware wallet, your Litecoin is lost forever. An alternative option is to keep your Litecoin stored in the sportsbook. This would still require the use of a digital wallet to make the initial deposit, but you can leave your Litecoin in the sportsbook if you choose to do so. There is no fee for storing your Litecoin.

Top Sportsbooks That Accept Litecoin In 2024

We are very excited to announce that 2 of the most reputable USA sports betting sites now accept Litecoin deposits. Both US and international players are accepted at both sites and can take advantage of some fantastic signup bonuses when using Litecoin.

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Are There Any Advantages With Using Litecoin To Bet On Sports?

Yes. Litecoin comes with multiple advantages when it comes to betting on sports online. This is why so many bettors have made the switch over to digital currencies. Check out our list of the most common advantages to see if Litecoin is something that could work for you:

1. Litecoin transactions are secure. Digital wallets are designed to prevent against attacks from hackers. Offshore sportsbooks employ their own security protocols to safeguard transactions.

2. Get your money faster with Litecoin. Since there is no bank or backing financial institution with Litecoin, there is no waiting for approval. Litecoin’s block sizes support instantaneous transaction confirmation.

3. There are no fees associated with Litecoin transactions. Bettors can get the most of their winnings since they won’t have to sacrifice any of the money to international transaction fees.

4. Litecoin transactions are inherently anonymous. There is no need to enter any sort of personal information when making a Litecoin transaction. Sportsbooks only require you to enter in the amount of Litecoin you wish to send or receive and a personal wallet address

5. Be on the lookout for Litecoin bonuses. Most sportsbooks feature bonuses exclusively for cryptocurrency users. These usually come in the match bonus platform, which is when the sportsbook matches your deposit by a percentage up to a disclosed amount.

Are There Mobile And Live Betting Options At Litecoin Sportsbooks?

Yes. You will find both mobile and live betting options at Litecoin sportsbooks The mobile platform runs on a web-based, mobile optimized application and is accessed through your device’s browser. You will find all the same features and betting selection as you do when using other types of sportsbook deposit methods such as credit cards, ewallets, Dash or Ethereum. Any Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry devices are compatible. The mobile version should render and function the same thanks to responsive design technology.

Go to the Live Betting section of the site to find all the live, in play wagering opportunities. You will also find information on live betting rules, as these are different than standard betting rules. These rules typically apply to certain conditions that must be bet in order for the bet to hit. Live betting involves placing bets during the course of a sporting event. Unlike traditional betting that requires you to place your bets before an event begins, live betting allows bets to be placed in play. Our live betting guide will provide more in depth information about how this betting format works.

Additional Litecoin Information