Sports Betting With Stellar Lumens

Bonus Money BagReleased in 2014, Stellar is a blockchain protocol and cryptocurrency platform, and it’s one of the top-performing cryptos on the market after Bitcoin. The actual token for the Stellar network is called the Lumen, and its ticker symbol is XLM. Stellar is one of a very few “stablecoins” that has a long-running track record of support and stability in the crypto marketplace. Therefore, it makes sense that sports betting with Stellar Lumens is possible at many of the best legal online betting sites.

When you bet on sports online, the online sportsbook deposit methods you choose will go a long way toward determining how quickly and easily you can get your betting account topped off. But even more than that, cryptos like Stellar XLM allow you to claim much better sportsbook bonuses with all the top operators, adding verticality to your bankroll that would make even the best NBA players blush. To learn more about sports betting with Stellar Lumens XLM, get off the bench and into the game with our brief guide!

Best US Online Sportsbooks Accepting Stellar Lumens XLM Deposits In 2024

The following legal USA online sports betting sites all accept Stellar XLM banking options for both instant deposits and same-day withdrawals, and they also give you the absolute best sports betting bonuses and promotions for using the popular altcoin. In most cases, you don’t even have to use any special sports betting bonus codes!

Each site below is safe, reputable, and has a reputation for putting out the best sports betting lines and offering the most rapid payouts for all their millions of US customers. Just remember that in order to collect a Stellar XLM payout, you must first make your deposit using the Stellar cryptocurrency.

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Top Non-US Sportsbooks That Accept Stellar XLM Deposits

Stellar isn’t just a stellar sports betting deposit option for US players. In fact, due to the borderless, international nature of cryptocurrency in general – and due to the popularity of Stellar Lumens in particular – many of the top online sportsbooks for international bettors also make use of XLM in their banking suites.

All of the following sites allow players from around the world to bet on sports from around the world, and most of them feature the same great enhanced cryptocurrency bonuses for those who deposit with Lumens. Please note: Not all Stellar sportsbook bonuses are necessarily available in all regions, and your sportsbook of choice lists excluded countries in their bonus terms of service (which you can read before signing up).

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What Is Stellar Lumens?

What is Stellar Lumens? What are Stellar Lumens? Well, while cryptos may break grammatical conventions with their unique naming structures – and while they absolutely break old-fashioned encryption conventions with their cutting edge blockchain technologies – Stellar is easy enough to explain as an online sports betting deposit method.

Essentially, Stellar is a cryptocurrency platform, where Lumens (aka XLM) are the units of trade. In this respect, despite some technical differences, Stellar works the same way as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies. It is an altcoin that allows for decentralized financial transactions that bypass all banks and government fiat currency regulations.

When it comes to betting with crypto, Stellar Lumens XLM allow you to make near-instant deposits with no added fees, while simultaneously making you eligible to get the best possible sports betting bonuses.

The best USA online sportsbooks that accept Stellar encourage you to use the crypto because it saves both you and your operator time and money when moving betting funds into and out of member accounts. Thus, you’ll get the best sportsbook promotions for making XLM deposits, and you’ll also get same-day payouts. Of course, for most bettors, the bonuses are the big Stellar selling point.

How To Buy Stellar XLM With USD

Before you deposit with Stellar XLM tokens and get the best possible online sports betting welcome bonuses and account reload bonuses, you’ll need to know how to go about the process of actually buying Stellar Lumens. This is simple enough, as most online crypto exchanges allow you to buy Stellar XLM with US dollars and other fiat currencies.

For Americans, exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Bittrex allow easy USD-to-XLM transfers, while international bettors can use these Stellar exchanges and various others (i.e. Binance, Bitfinex, etc.). However, please note that whenever you buy XLM with these services for the first time, there will typically be a lengthy wait before you actually get the Lumens credited to your account.

Once you have those Lumens on hand, of course, you can sell or trade them practically instantly. This is especially useful for sports bettors, as it allows you to get your account loaded up in time to wager on all the day’s games.

To expedite the Stellar buying procedure, you can also find various private exchanges online that allow for immediate trades, though you must always exercise caution whenever you purchase Stellar or any other crypto outside of the established exchanges.

Note: If you don’t have time to wait for a Stellar transaction from the big exchanges, we recommend using the Zelle-To-Bitcoin deposit method to purchase Bitcoin from sellers on Then, you can trade your BTC for XLM or deposit directly with BTC at your sportsbook of choice.

How Do I Store My Stellar Lumens?

The chief benefit of depositing with Stellar at any legitimate trusted online sportsbook operating outside of US jurisdiction is that you get massive enhanced bonuses when doing so, so you can bet bigger right from the first whistle.

However, to maximize the convenience that Stellar XLM affords, you’ll need a Stellar Lumens wallet. Exchanges have their own wallets, so if you’ve bought XLM with one of these services, you already have a Stellar wallet.

Still, crypto best practices dictate that unless you’re an active Stellar trader, you should move your XLM tokens to a more secure Stellar software wallet or Stellar hardware wallet. There are many excellent options, including the following:

  • Coinbase - Web-based Stellar exchange wallet
  • Kraken – Web-based Stellar exchange wallet
  • Bittrex - Web-based Stellar exchange wallet
  • Keybase – Downloadable Stellar software wallet
  • Lobstr – Downloadable Stellar software wallet
  • Solar Wallet – Downloadable Stellar software wallet
  • Ledger Nano S – Stellar hardware wallet
  • Ledger Nano X – Stellar hardware wallet
  • Trezor One – Stellar hardware wallet

For the fastest Stellar transactions, so you can get your online sports betting bonuses credited immediately and bet ASAP, we recommend sending XLM straight from your exchange wallet or software wallet.

However, hardware Stellar wallets are the most secure options, though there is an added step to sending funds to your favorite sportsbook when going this route. (We do not recommend Stellar paper wallets for anything but long-term cold storage – these are not efficient for regular sports betting deposits or withdrawals.)

Important: Please only download or purchase Stellar XLM wallets from their official developer or hardware manufacturer websites. It is never a good idea to go through third-party sites or vendors for any crypto wallet.

Advantages Of Using Stellar Lumens To Bet On Sports Online

There are many advantages to using Stellar to bet sports online. Obviously, the best reason to use Stellar is because XLM deposits are lightning fast and come with the most valuable sportsbook bonus options possible.

However, those are far from the only reasons that using Lumens to bet on sports is a good idea. Below, we list all the aspects of why XLM Stellar Lumens should be high on your list of sports bet funding options.

  1. Stellar transactions use state-of-the-art blockchain technology, which keeps your sports betting transfers safe and secure from start to finish. Blockchain encryption is quantum-hacking-resistant, has few (if any) technical vulnerabilities, offers more anonymity and reliability than any credit card sports betting deposit or debit card deposit, and will never get derailed by banking regulations like the US UIGEA law.
  2. Stellar transactions are extremely fast. Bitcoin, the gold standard for cryptocurrencies, does have one notable weakness, which is the fact that its Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol takes longer for blocks to be validated. Thus, BTC deposits can take up to 15 minutes or more to clear. Stellar XLM technical analysis proves that the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) is a more efficient but highly secure methodology, allowing transfers to occur within seconds (and with lower built-in blockchain fees).
  3. Stellar bonuses are higher than those for other non-crypto deposit methods. For example, while a top-rated online sportsbook might give credit/debit/check depositors a bonus of something like 50% up to $500 in free plays, Stellar deposits can yield match bonuses of 100% or more, often for two or three times the amount of added cash! These have the exact same low rollover requirements, too, so it’s literal free money when compared to traditional deposit bonuses.
  4. Stellar is investment-grade currency. The Stellar Lumens price is always in flux, but the coin attained an all-time high of $0.90 in 2017, and despite being affected by the 2018 “crypto crash,” it’s been trending upwards ever since. The current Stellar XLM price (Q4 2020) is $0.22 per token, and it’s climbing steadily. Thus, once you bet with Stellar and win, it will benefit you to learn how to invest in XLM Stellar tokens for the long haul. No other deposit method will appreciate in value like Stellar and other cryptos, so your winning wagers will be worth even more when the price of Stellar XLM goes up. Fiat currencies, on the other hand, only
  5. Stellar XLM – and other cryptos supported by the best international sports betting operators – are the only options for US bettors (and most international punters) to claim same-day payouts. Traditional banking methods – like courier checks, bank wires, and money orders – typically take 2-5 days to process, and sometimes even longer than a week to show up in your hands. With Stellar withdrawals at the top online sportsbook sites, you can get your money the same day you request it, and with zero added fees. Just remember that in order to claim Stellar XLM payouts, you must first deposit using the Stellar Lumen cryptocurrency.

Mobile Gambling Options At Stellar Lumens Sportsbooks

Cryptocurrencies like Stellar Lumens are largely designed to be purchased, traded, and invested in via mobile computing platforms. That makes sense, as most people handle all their banking on the go. So, too, do most sports bettors wager on their favorite players, teams, and leagues on the go.

This is where crypto like XLM really shines, because it plays nice with all your mobile devices, just like the mobile-optimized sportsbooks we recommend here.

While there are some dedicated Stellar wallet apps, you don’t need them, and you can handle all your Stellar XLM market transactions right through any modern mobile browser on any make or model of device.

The same is true for the top online sportsbooks that offer the best sports betting bonuses: There are no betting apps to download, so you can enjoy iPhone sports betting, iPad sports betting, and Android sports betting with just your device of choice, an up-to-date web browser, and an Internet connection.

You can handle all your Stellar transactions, all your sports wagers, and all your payouts from the same device, right in the palm of your hand. Stellar XLM banking, when coupled with betting via mobile, makes for a true one-stop shop. That said, we always suggest signing up at multiple mobile sports betting sites so you can shop lines for the best values on every contest.

Stellar Lumens FAQs

When did Stellar launch?

Stellar Lumens first hit the crypto scene back on July 31, 2014, and the platform has been going strong ever since. Because of its longevity in the crypto space, Stellar is considered a stablecoin and is one of the favored crypto gambling deposit methods at many of the top-rated online sportsbooks for USA and international bettors.

What are Stellar Lumens (XLM) used for?

If you’ve been following the Stellar Lumens news since the crypto’s launch, you’ll understand that a better question might be “What isn’t Stellar Lumens used for?”

Countless online merchants and service providers accept Stellar XLM payments, and online betting sites are one of the biggest supporters of the platform. You can buy Stellar and trade it with literally anyone, anywhere. There are virtually no limitations on what Stellar can be used for, as XLM works just like digital cash.

Of course, for our purposes here, Stellar is used to get you the fastest sports betting deposits with the best sports betting bonuses at all the top books in the business.

What is the best Stellar Lumens XLM exchange?

This is a tough question to answer. For those buying XLM, Stellar exchanges are a must, and many of them are truly excellent and reputable.

The most popular US and international Stellar exchange is Coinbase, but Kraken and Bittrex as also great choices. International users also like Binance and Bitfinex.

At the end of the day, all respected Stellar Lumens exchanges use industry-leading security software backends and encryption standards, so you should feel comfortable buying and trading XLM with any of them.

What is the best Stellar Lumens wallet for sports betting?

Above, we list all the best Stellar wallets for handling your XLM crypto banking. For sports betting, of course, speed is of the essence, because betting lines constantly move, and you don’t want to miss out on the best odds. Thus, we recommend a software Stellar wallet like Keybase, Lobstr, or Solar Wallet.

These are more secure than exchange wallets and nearly as fast for sending XLM and receiving XLM. If you can handle an extra step or two when making your sportsbook deposits, we like the low-cost Ledger Nano S, which is a USB device that retails for about $60 and is the best hardware wallet for Stellar Lumens.

Is stellar XLM dead?

Absolutely not. Stellar is the 11th best performing cryptocurrency in the world! Per CoinMarketCap, Stellar Lumens – as of Q4 2020 – have a market capitalization of $4.7 billion.

The Stellar Lumens price prediction – that is, the Stellar Lumens forecast for the near-term future – is that it will surpass its all-time high within the next couple of years.

Stellar is an excellent crypto investment with a much more reasonable buy-in than bigger hitters like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin (which are also accepted by the best sportsbooks online and get you the same great sports betting bonuses and same-day payouts).

Will Stellar Lumens go up?

Crypto is very volatile, which is why it’s so exciting (especially for sports bettors and gamblers). But whenever crypto values dip, traders and holders always wonder whether the prices will ever reach or exceed their previous all-time high (ATH) numbers.

So, will Stellar Lumens recover? Will Stellar Lumens take off? Well, the Stellar XLM price history shows that it already has and should continue to do so. Any online Stellar Lumens chart will show a historical upward trend, dips notwithstanding.

How high could Stellar Lumens go?

If we knew the answer to that, we’d probably keep it a secret and retire early.

All kidding aside, the sky really is the limit for all the top-ranked cryptocurrencies, and Stellar has shown real staying power. The Stellar XLM value could see $10 per coin in a few years, or even more.

If it does, and you’ve paid $0.25 or so per token (and were able to basically earn free Stellar XLM by placing good bets and taking advantage of the Stellar sports betting bonuses on offer), the math is attractive, to say the least.

Can Stellar Lumens reach $100?

Yes? No? We honestly don’t know. That’s a huge number for any crypto. For Stellar Lumens, $100 per token is the target that many investors and crypto users are always focusing on, though it feels a bit premature. If Stellar appreciates even to a percent or two of that valuation, we’ll all be sitting pretty. Here’s hoping!

Who accepts Stellar Lumens for online sports betting deposits?

Many of the best online sportsbooks with the best sports betting bonuses accept Stellar XLM for deposits and withdrawals. Each of the brands listed on this page supports Stellar and even has a Stellar Lumens calculator so you can see how much your deposit translates to in real-time fiat value.

Should you buy Stellar Lumens?

Oh, yes. Definitely.

Stellar Lumens are one of the best investment-grade cryptocurrencies, and the fact that so many reputable sportsbooks give you the best online betting bonuses just for using the stuff is the icing on the cake.

That said, you may be tempted to get Stellar Lumens free (i.e. earn Stellar Lumens passive income), which is possible to do by holding the coin in your Stellar wallet of choice. However, these XLM rewards are minimal, so we recommend using the crypto to deposit at online sportsbooks, accepting the huge bonuses, and then placing some well-timed bets, instead.

Then, you can hold that Stellar and earn even more XLM – as well as experience the benefits of massive appreciation – at your convenience.

What are Stellar Lumes?

A typo.

Many people misspell, misspeak, or are simply misinformed when looking up Stellar information online, and “lumes” gets a lot of play for this reason. However, there is no such thing as a Stellar Lume – what you’re after are Stellar Lumens.

And, of course, the best online sportsbook bonuses!