Sports Betting With Discover Card

The Discover Card is a well known and popular credit card brand, and has some unique perks associated with it, such as their cash back rewards and low or non-existent monthly fees. While the online casino arena has embraced the Discover Card as a deposit method, the sports betting industry is a little slower to get on board. We do anticipate this changing as online casinos continue to boast their successful transaction approval rates and the popularity that this payment solution has with US players. We also like that they offer a prepaid debit card option as well, which helps out in those rare cases where approvals prove challenging.

At this time, we do not have any US or non-US sportsbooks accepting the Discover Card that we can recommend to you. There were a few on the list at one time, but they have since discontinued their partnership with the Discover Card company. This is not a reflection on the Discover Card brand, but for a period of time credit card options were not feesable for US players due to the new regulation that was put into place by the UIGEA bill. Since that time credit card companies, payment processors, and sports betting operations have learned how to work within this regulation to obtain success with credit card transaction approvals.

Because of this improvement with transaction approvals, the major credit card brands are once again a team player for US and non-US bettors. This being the case, we anticipate that Discover Card will soon be welcomed back into the mix. Until that time, we have some other great credit card options for you to try out.

USA Sports Betting With Discover Card

Currently there are not any sportsbooks accepting Discover Card payments. However, we went ahead and listed the Visa sports betting options as it is the most widely accepted and popular credit card being used in the online gambling industry, including online sports betting. We have also listed the other major credit card brands above for you to try out. We encourage you to visit our page covering USA friendly sports betting for more information about the best options for American players.

Non USA Sportsbooks That Accept Discover Card Payments

Non-USA players will have great success using their Visa or MasterCard to fund their online sportsbook accounts, which is available to bettors all around the globe. There are also some really great e-wallet options for you to integrate into your online gambling as well. International players have much more flexibility when it comes to online deposit methods, and we encourage you to research the different options to see which ones will be the perfect fit for you and your circumstances.

Additional Deposit Options For Non-USA Sports Betting