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Super Bowl Bonus Offers - Where to Find the Best Bonuses & Promos for Betting on Super Bowl 51

The annual Super Bowl game is verifiably the most watched event of the year. Of the top 10 most-watched television programs of all time, Superbowl games make up nine of the 10 programs on the list. If that is not convincing enough, take into consideration that it is estimated that over $8 billion is wagered on this one game every year. These figures render legitimate Super Bowl bonus offers more powerful and more sought after than the bonuses offered during the regular football season. This will exponentially drive up the competitive atmosphere among sportsbook brands as they fiercely grapple for the attention and affection of sports bettors. Just the sheer volume of wagers targeting this single event ensures that sportsbooks will be willing to go the extra mile to secure your business. With sports betting sites all battling for their share of that $8 billion, it is their intention to attract as many bettors as possible, and one sure fail way is by showing you the money.

We decided that it would behoove us to take a look at what Superbowl bonus offers are available, and find out what we could about the top offers. Our end game was simple, to determine which Super Bowl bonus offers are legitimate, with reasonable and attainable wagering requirements associated with them, as well as which ones provide a genuine boost to a player's bankroll and potential betting power. We wanted to do this not only because we ourselves are involved with betting on the 2017 Super-Bowl LI game, but also to provide information which would prevent bettors from becoming seduced by 'too good to be true' bonus offers leading to undesirable sports betting destinations, ultimately resulting in significant risk of fraud and/or theft.

In our examination of the offers currently circulating among legitimate sports betting sites, there were two Superbowl 2017 bonus promotions which stood out to us, and which were worth reviewing and then sharing the results with our visitors. Our purpose for preparing this information is to provide sports bettors with insight that will strengthen their position as informed bettors when selecting their sports betting brand of choice. As players ourselves, we know that information on where you can get the most bang for your buck does play a role in the selection process.

Bovada Sports Book - 50% Super Bowl Bonus Offer

Bovada Superbowl Betting PerksThe first offer we are going to look at is from Bovada Sportsbook. They are a trusted, legitimated sports betting brand that is licensed and regulated out of Canada. You can view their Certificate of Good standing to verify their licensing and compliance certification. The brand was launched in late 2011 to take over the USA traffic previously directed to Bodog Sportsbook. During the post NFL season events they are offering new players a 50% free bet bonus up to $250. What this translates into is that they will look at the amount of your initial deposit and match it by 50% and provide that amount to you as a free bet. While it's not the best bonus offer available to bet on the Super Bowl, they are the most reputable sportsbook on the internet so you give up a little in bonus money to play with the highest rated site where your money is safe and payouts are fast.

They also feature other Super Bowl contests including a prop contest where you can win your share of $10,000 in prizes.

Betting options for the Super Bowl are massive at Bovada. You can use your free bet on any sports, wager type and odds, including the Super Bowl game which include quarters, half time bets, parlays, teasers, live betting and so much more. Bovada has also made things interesting by also offering over 500 Superbowl 2016/2017 props to bet on which gives players a significant selection of wagering options in addition to their standard choices.

Be sure to review the wagering requirements to ensure that you don't attempt to make a withdrawal prior to the terms being met, which could cause you to forfeit some of that free bonus money. Wagering requirements are a standard part of any bonus structure, and Bovada has always been reasonable with their terms. This bonus is a good one if you are looking to boost your betting power on Super Bowl Sunday. Bovada is my personal favorite when it comes to sports betting, and it is the gambling destination at which I will be betting on for the big game. They have always treated me right, and they always offer great seasonal bonuses for existing players as well. I've been enjoying reload bonuses and promotions all season long at Bovada. Visit Bovada Sportsbook

Betonline Sportsbook - 50% SuperBowl Bonus Offer

25% Bonus To Bet On The Superbowl At BetonlineThe other sports betting site that is presenting a nice bonus offer during the NFL championship game is Betonline. One nice thing about their offer is that it applies to new and existing players. Their offer is structured on a tiered concept, meaning your bonus amount is dependent on how much you deposit and the deposit method used. Using credit cards or Secure Payment Voucher yields additional bonus options. (These are both great USA friendly payment options.) Betonline offers one of the biggest Super Bowl betting bonuses around awarding new players with a 50% bonus up to $2500 +$25 Risk Free Bet.

As with the Bovada offer, we encourage you to review the wagering requirements and terms and condition of this promotion. If you are a sports betting novice, it is possible that this bonus offer may seem a little confusing at first if you are not accustomed to this type of structure. If you have any questions or concerns, we have found the customer support at Betonline to be helpful and responsive, and they are available via live chat to assist you at any time. Claim 50% Superbowl Bonus At Betonline

Current 2016/17 Superbowl 51 Odds And Betting Lines

Betonline Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook
Money Line
Patriots Money Line: -157 Patriots Money Line: -157
Falcons Money Line: +137 Falcons Money Line: +137
New England Patriots -3 New England Patriots -3
Atlanta Falcons +3 Atlanta Falcons +3
Over/Under Totals
Game Total Over/Under: 58.5 Game Total Over/Under: 59.5
Team Totals
Patriots Team Total: 30.5 NA
Falcons Team Total: 27.5 NA
Visit Betonline Sportsbook Visit Bovada Sportsbook

A Preview Of Superbowl LI

Super Bowl 51 is sure to be one of the most exciting matchups in recent memory. Two high powered offenses that move the ball up and down the field with ease should prove to be a high scoring affair.

My Thoughts On The Game: I hate to go against Brady and company, but I'm going to take the falcons this year. They are playing some great ball and are making something good happen almost every time they get the ball. I expect them to be in this game the entire way with a chance at winning it straight up.

I also like the Falcons team total to go over 27.5 for the game and over 13 for the first half. They've only scored less than 28 in 2 games the entire year, and like I said they are playing their best ball right now.

And I will likely tease the Falcons to +10 and over 51.

The Impact of Super Bowl 51 on the League

There are a few ways to look at the overall impact of Super Bowl 51, some of which will depend entirely on the outcome of the game. But one impact that the game is already having is that the Super Bowls in recent memory have signaled to the NFL that the old way of life is changing. For instance, in the AFC you have those stoic pocket passers who cannot seem to stay out of Super Bowl games. Big Ben, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, pocket passers through and through, have been representing the AFC in the big game every year for a decade, interrupted only by other pocket-passing quarterbacks like Joe Flacco of the Ravens. In the NFC, however, the last four NFC Champions have had mobile quarterbacks. Cam Newton this year, Russel Wilson the last two seasons, and Collin Kaepernick before that. This is a strong indicator that those pocket passers are a dying breed. Even the newer generation of established quarterbacks, led by Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith, are mobile. They're not exactly run-happy quarterbacks, but they are mobile in the pocket and move around a great deal. The days of standing stoically in one spot and reading defenses are drawing to a close quickly. Once the Manning-Brady-Brees generation is gone, the next generation to take its place will be the Newton-Wilson generation, and this is a mobile, run-capable generation of quarterbacks.

The number-one reason that the Super Bowl will have such an impact on the league is due to market parity. Teams know that they're not getting quarterbacks out of college as good as Manning at reading defenses, but they can get quarterbacks as good as Wilson who are the best athletes on the field. As Wilson has proven, an athlete can transform into a high-performing QB so long as he's taught in the right system.

Another impact this game will have on the league is that the defensive line is making a comeback. With the '85 Bears and 2000 Ravens, teams were extremely formidable in their defensive fronts, and that's the formula that was followed. However, after the St. Louis Rams in the early parts of the 2000s, the Greatest Show on Turf, teams started investing more in high-flying spread offensives, and defensive backs that could run and make big plays. The trend the Broncos and Panthers bring is that they have a strong front seven capable of shutting down the run and rushing the passer without designed blitz packages. Of all the times the Broncos hit Brady (23), only 6 of them were designed blitzes. This means that 17 times they got to Brady with regular pressure. Stacking defensive fronts is a trend that's going to be picked up, and is already being worked on by teams like the Bengals, Steelers and Giants.

Overall, a game like this, with the two #1 seeds of both conferences, you will see that it has many impacts on the game of football, from draft classes and the way teams operate on the field to the free agent market and how television handles the broadcast of the Super Bowl. We cannot predict an outcome here, but we're sure it will be a great game.

Financial Impact of Super Bowl Games

Viewership for the 2016 NFL Championship game is expected to exceed 110 million viewers in the US. It is expected that direct visitor spending to the Superbowl host metro area will be around $194 million, impacting both New Jersey and nearby NYC. This huge economic boost to the hosting region is one of the reasons why districts fight to be selected as a host city, similar to the grappling of regions attempting to be selected to host the Olympics. They are in it for the financial impact to their location, and with the current state of the nation's economic struggles, who can blame them? It is reported that hotel prices are increased by an average of 101%, so hosting cities do squeeze every possible penny from game attendees, optimizing their intake and overall return on the game.

Something you may not be aware of is that players in the big game are considered to be underpaid by as much as 68%., providing a negative financial impact on them. Underpaid? Ya, I laughed at first too. It's hard to buy into that when they are making millions of dollars per year to play a game, right? Well the term underpaid has worked its way into the discussion because players make significantly less money per game in post season play off games then they do in the regular season. Let's take a look at the numbers for a moment. The players for the wining team on Superbowl Sunday will earn $92,000 each, and the losing team members will earn $46,000.

According to the NFL Super Bowl 51 Postseason Media Guide, in divisional playoff games, players earn an average of $23,000 per game, with conference championship earnings set at $42,000. Now, looking at their salary for regular season games, players earn an average of $145,000 per game based on the max 53-man roster and the $123 million salary cap per team for active players. In addition, The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots could have made a little more money had they not done quite as well during the regular season. Because they were ranked well and weren't required to participate in the Wild Card games during the playoffs, they missed out on approximately $21,000 - $23,000 in salary; hence they were penalized for doing well from one perspective. Regardless, they will make plenty of money this season, even if they don't win the Super Bowl 51 on Feb, 5 2017.

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