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Sports Betting With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is beginning to emerge throughout the commerce market, including the online sports betting industry. It is gaining momentum pretty quickly due to its convenience, flexibility and level of anonymity that it offers. As a US resident, I use this option fairly regularly to fund my online sports betting accounts, and have found that I rather enjoy the fact that my credit card and bank account information is no longer involved with my gambling entertainment. More and more online merchants are beginning to accept this option, and it is also a great way to send money to friends and family. It is a very viable consideration for US players who find they are facing challenges with credit card sportsbook deposits from US based banks and companies that are bound by the restrictions of the UIGEA bill.

I personally used my Visa card to fund all of my online gambling for about 5 years and then one day out of the blue, it stopped working. Visa spots betting was instantly out of the question for me. Caught off guard, I was forced to seek out an alternative, and my new payment method of choice is Bitcoin. Bitcoin operates on a fairly new concept using virtual currency that actually experiences variables in value. Its not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Because it is such a new option, we wanted to provide some helpful information to help you get started in case you want to try Bitcoin for you account funding.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital or virtual currency that has some similarities to the functions of an ewallet, but has some distinct differences as well. You acquire the your Bitcoin currency using one of the exchanges that monitors and facilities Bitcoin purchases and transfers. You can purchase Bitcoin currency by registering for an account at one of the many exchanges, and this becomes your Bitcoin wallet. Your purchase is based on the value of the currency at that time. The value fluctuates much like other types of currency do, including gold, or the stock market. You can choose to purchase Bitcoin at its current value or make an offer. Once your purchase is completed, the funds are transferred to you Bitcoin wallet.

How To Fund Your Sportsbook Account Using Bitcoin

By accessing Bitcoin from the menu in the participating sportsbooks' cashier, you will gain access to a Bitcoin address. You will simply transfer the desired amount of funds from your Bitcoin wallet to the sportsbook using this Bitcoin address. The funds should appear in your account rather quickly. It is a very easy and convenient option. .

USA Sports Betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a fairly new addition to the online gambling industry, so there is a limited number of US friendly sportsbooks that accept this option right now. We anticipate that this number will grow pretty quickly, especially as US players realize how much easier Bitcoin is than other payment methods. You can also use your Bitcoin account for online shopping, bill payment and sending money to friends and family. Following are our top recommendations for US Bitcoin Sportsbooks.

Featured Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites For US Players

Legal USA Sportsbooks Accepting Bitcoin

# Sportsbook Link Bonus Offer USA Sportsbook Review
1. Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 USA Bovada Sportsbook Review
2. Betonline 50% Max $2500 USA Betonline Sportsbook Review
3. 75% Max $1000 USA Review
4. Topbet 100% Max $1000 USA Bookmaker Review
5. Bookmaker 15% Max $2500 USA Bookmaker Review
6. GTbets Sportsbook 100% Max $250 USA GTbets Bonus Review

Non-USA Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is also a great option for International sports bettors, and there are UK friendly sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin deposits. This payment method will probably grow the quickest throughout the international community due to the more liberal and welcoming climate that gambling receives across the pond. Below we've added our recommendations for sites that accept International players and that welcome Bitcoin deposits. Also keep in mind that Neteller accepts Bitcoin deposits, so while you wait for your options to expand concerning non-USA bitcoin sportsbooks, you can always consider using your bitcoin currency at Neteller sports betting sites through your ewallet account.

Non USA Sports Betting Sites Accepting Bitcoin

# Sportsbook Link Bonus Offer USA Sportsbook Review
1. Betonline 25% Max $1000 USA Betonline Sportsbook Review
2. 25% Max $1000 USA Review

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