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What Is Live Sports Betting and How Can You Take Advantage?

Live betting is the newest innovation in online sports gambling. First appearing as an overseas option, the new live betting feature is now also available to American gamblers. And it is no more than what it sounds like; you are actually betting live while the action happens. The traditional online sports betting experience has you place a wager before the start of an event or contest. And then action is generally closed after the game begins. But with the live web streaming capability of the Internet, you can continue to bet on a multiple of sports and leagues even after "kickoff". The smart sports gambler will see immediately that this can give you a significantly better chance at locking in a profitable session.

Just how does live betting work? You simply log into your account at one of the reputable online sportsbooks which offers this rather new option. You can reference any of the brands found on our sportsbook reviews page for a trusted and reputable option. Somewhere on that site's homepage, in their lobby, or in the betting lines menu you will see a section entitled "live betting", "in play betting" or something to that effect. Click on that tab, and you will see the sporting leagues and events which allow you to place in-game wagers. You follow the action online in real time with your virtual bookmaker, and while each site may have a different user interface, you will generally see a small scoreboard type of display. You can then place a number of bets on individual players, as well as individual and team outcomes, while the game takes place.

This display will give you the current score, the time expired, time left in the match and other important information pertinent to the particular event you are gambling on. You then choose from the bets offered, and just as you would before the start of the game, you simply place wagers on what you believe is going to happen. For instance, in a soccer match, you may see options that allow you to bet on the Next Goalscorer or Next Team to Score a Goal. Obviously, in other sports different options will be available, and most of the top operators which deliver live betting availability support all major leagues and sports. As you can imagine, this ability to act immediately on injuries, weather, upsets and individual performances as they occur in game play is a game-changer for the smart gambler.

Another benefit is that some of the live betting sportsbooks found online even stream particular sporting events that you are wagering on, when they have the license to do so. This means not only can you place bets the instant you see something occur which you believe will change the outcome of the game, but you can also watch the sporting event unfold in real time on your PC display without having to look away at a television or monitor. If you are new to live or in-game betting we recommend you log onto your favorite sportsbook and watch the betting lines and offerings change during sporting events and games simply as a spectator first, to get a feel for this wonderful new sports betting feature.

It is paramount that you understand how quickly and drastically lines can fluctuate, before you jump in and enjoy the experience that is live betting online. As veteran gamblers ourselves, we have often times in the past wished we could place wagers in the middle of a sporting event after we noticed something significant which changed the flow of the game. That is now possible with in-game or live betting, and the safe and secure sportsbooks we recommend in this guide deliver the biggest sports betting welcome bonuses, operate with an extremely high level of integrity, and now deliver the new live betting option which presents so many new ways to profit from in-game action and events.

Below you will find a listing of the secure and reputable online sports betting sites which offer live betting options. Most even offer live betting via their mobile sportsbook. Each of them has been vetted by our team of professionals, and has been verified to be legally licensed and regulated by a legitimate jurisdiction, as well as utilizing a sophisticated security profile to keep their players' sensitive financial information safe.

Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Live Betting Lines For 2016

# Sportsbook Link Bonus Offer USA Sportsbook Review
1. Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 USA Bovada Sportsbook Review
2. Betonline Sportsbook 25% Max $1000 USA Betonline Sportsbook Review
3. 25% Max $1000 USA Review
4. Bookmaker 15% Max $2500 USA Bookmaker Sportsbook Review
5. Topbet Sportsbook 100% Max $1000 USA Topbet Bonus Review
6. Intertops Sportsbook 25% Max $100 USA Intertops Sportsbook Review
7. Bet365 Sportsbook See Website No USA Bet365 Sportsbook Review
8. Betcris Sportsbook 20% Max $500 No USA Betcris Sportsbook Review

Finding Incredible Value With Live Betting

Sportsbooks that offer live betting lines allow players to find incredible value at times. For example, let's say you have Denver giving up 10 to the Jets on the front line. Let's also say the Jets come out the gate and run one back on the first play of the game, so Jets are up 7-0. You might be able to get Denver -4 for the game for around even money. That might not be the best example, but trust me if you pick your spots you can get some sick value if you play your cards right.

I personally like to bet a lot of overs, I bet on teams that move the ball well. So if the teams come out a little shaky out the gate, this allows me to place a live bet and get the line 7-10 points lower than the front line. It also allows me to buy out of a lot of bets and hedge when I don't like the way things are going. Needeless to say I am a big fan of live betting. Here is a screenshot of a live betting screen.

Example Of Live Sports Betting Screen

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