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Update:  Beted went out of business several years ago. If you are still looking for a reputable site, check out our sportsbook reviews index where we rank and review the leading sites.

This sensational online sports betting site recognized as one of the top dogs in the sportsbook industry, and they are clearly intent on staying at the top of the food chain. They are the first, and possibly the only flash based online sportsbook, which means there is no software to download, hence you can access your account and get your game on from any computer you are using, thereby making BetEd Sportsbook more convenient and flexible than the competition. In today’s dog eat dog world of hectic schedules, the sportsbook that is the most conveniently accessed will definitely have the advantage on the playing field. Their site is inviting, well organized, and exquisitely designed, with an innovative interface that offers user friendly and intuitive navigation and betting processes. BetEd Sportsbook offers a robust sporting event line up, and even includes some fun entertainment betting for alternative sports bettor. You won’t find a better selection of betting options anywhere, and BetEd Sportsbook bonuses top things off nicely.

BetEd Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus For 2024

New players will have a choice to make for their Sign Up Bonus. They can either take advantage of the 15% match cash bonus up to $250 on your first deposit, or a 50% cash bonus if your first sports bet is a winner in which BetEd Sportsbook will add an additional 50% of your winnings to your bankroll. Both options do require that you use one of these preferred deposit method options: InstantCheck, Money Transfer, Visa, or NETeller. The first 15% cash bonus is provided win or loose, and the 50% bonus has to be a winner, but sure pays out nice. Its a tough decision, but exciting at the same time!! Once you have made your first deposit, you will be presented with a bonus selection screen from which you can indicate which offer you will be taking advantage of.

BetEd Sportsbook Reload Bonuses

Get a 10% cash bonus up to $250 for every single reload deposit you make. There is no minimum deposit for qualifying for the reload bonus, and it will appear in your account as soon as your deposit clears. You gotta love sportsbooks that reward loyalty like that.

Bet Ed Sportsbook Weekly and Bonuses and Promotions: Bet Ed Sportsbook membership does come with its privileges, and extra free money is one of them. Simply register for their newsletter, and you will be notified of weekly bonus offers and promotions which are offered exclusively to their newsletter subscribers.

BetEd Sportsbook Bonus Code

Use the following Beted Bonus Code During Signup: