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TopBet is a new site on the block when compared to some of the heavy hitters around the web, but already they're proving that they can run with the big dogs. And the wolves! Rather than sitting on the porch in fear like the majority of new sites to come online post America's gambling crackdowns, TopBet actually embraces US-based players and has an open door policy for everyone from the US. This is a risky move; not because they would be shut down or anything, of course, but because catering to Americans brings TopBet a level of scrutiny from regulatory bodies that most online sportsbooks don't have to deal with. Hence why many sites don't allow US players. TopBet has nothing to hide and thus allows as many US players to deposit as it can hold. And while they have nothing to hide, they do have something to offer.

TopBet is all about making gamblers a lucrative offer or few in order to abandon their old ship and to climb aboard the new vessel. With their US acceptance, good bonuses, great software and large sports selection, TopBet easily stands out as a new contender for best legitimate sportsbook. Keep in mind that they only cater to USA players, so if you live outside of the United States, you cannot open an account here.

Topbet Signup Bonus

Topbet has recently bumped their bonus offer up from a 50% bonus up to $250 to now a 100% bonus up to $1000. This is actually a lot more enticing that what other sites offer, so we recommend taking advantage of it while you can before they change their offer again.

Bonus Codes

With any site's bonus codes that you read via our resource, remember to always check with the main site to see if it has expired. By the time you get around to reading this review and checking out the bonus code, it may already be gone. Though at the time of writing this review, these bonus codes were fully functional. The first bonus code is one that exists and one that is active, but you don't technically need to use it. The code: NFLBTB (or Madness250). This is for the 100% match on up to $1000. But as long as this is the site's main promotion, you won't need the code. Though you may want to keep the code handy just in case the site's main promotion is replaced.

From what we can tell in our research of TopBet, the aforementioned is the only bonus code out there, and you technically don't even need that. Just keep your eyes peeled. You never know when the site might start some new promotions that require mobile codes or QVCs or other information. We will be sure to update if that happens.

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Topbet Reload Bonuses

After reading thoroughly through every single bonus and promotion offered on the site, we were actually a little surprised to see that TopBet doesn't offer a standard reload bonus like so many other sportsbooks offer. We're not saying that's a knock against them per se; it's just that most sportsbook are offering some type of reload bonus. That being said, however, there are other lucrative bonuses happening for frequent gamblers. For instance, during the baseball season you can actually earn free $10 bets by placing a wager on a certain day of the week. And when the NBA season comes back this fall, you will also have the Thursday night promotion, which allows you to place a free $10 wager on a basketball game. This doesn't seem like a lot, but even betting a "lock" at 10:6 nets you $4 free. You can easily repeat this in those small increments until you build a suitable stack, and this means never having to go into your actual own money to play with. Betting smart and small using TopBet's promotions can end up reaping big rewards.

Other Topbet Sportsbook Promotions

As you read about TopBet's current promotions, there's one thing you should keep in mind. This site has a lot of traffic and a lot of turnover, which means that they are frequently replacing bonuses and promotions with new stuff to keep the members interested. Right now, they have some pretty cool promotions going. They have a casino cash-back rewards program. If you want to play via TopBet's casino, you can earn money back on certain wagers you place on certain games. Be sure to check the site for the full range of details. They also have some pretty cool contests happening every month or so. Currently on TopBet, they have a weekly contest which uses the most anticipated match-ups in sports. Again, check out the site details. We have no issue typing them all here, but they are subject to change per TopBet and there's nothing we can do about it, save updating our content to reflect theirs.

Banking Options At Topbet (Depositing And Withdrawing Funds)

Banking via TopBet is made pretty easy, although they don't offer quite as many options as some international sites. Of course, this is because they cater to US players, and US players cannot use most of the international depositing methods. So players can use either Visa, Mastercard or QuickCash to deposit funds. And as of 2016, Topbet now offers Bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals. Check out our Bitcoin sportsbooks page for a full list of all sites that accept Bitcoin and a general overview on how the cryptocurrency works. It's a god send for US players. For payouts, players can use either money transfers, or have a check sent directly to your door via courier. They offer 1 free courier payout per month which is a really nice incentive. Those courier fees add up pretty quickly if you are requesting a lot of payouts.

Mobile Betting Options

TopBet definitely tries to keep things updated and relevant, and this is obvious via the site's software. They have a mobile app version of the site that works seamlessly on any mobile device you own. It's responsive, so it's a cross-platform package. What this means is that it will work the same on an iPhone as it does on an Android or Windows phone. The same thing with tablets. You don't have to worry about the hardware not matching the software. The mobile suite offered by TopBet is light yet still powerful, has great graphics, and gives you every betting option of the full-sized site.

Live Betting Options

Topbet has a fantastic live betting platform that offers inplay betting opportunities for just about every major sport out there. I am a big fan of live betting. It allows me to buy out of bets that aren't going like I thought they would, or even middle the game by having action on both sides. Because the live betting odds change with just about every drive in football, or every inning in baseball, or every commercial break in basketball, it really offers a ton of opportunities.


Topbet is a very solid sportsbook that has come a long way very fast. They've been in business for a couple years now, and actually have an excellent reputation already in the industry for being fair, honest, having great lines and offering very fast payouts. And they offer some of the best credit card processing in the industry, so players can easily get the visa and mastercard deposits approved. We can definitely recommend this site to any U.S. player looking for a reputable sportsbook to place your bets.

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